Welcome to the Random Colour Generator!

Looking for a shade and don't know where to start, you came to the right place! Every stain comes with hex and red green blue codes.

Press the blue button below to generate a wonderful new coloration!

Your Shade Codes





Top 10 Uses for Random Colour

  1. To paint your pet

    This would be a good option if you decide your pet is a little boring in colour.

  2. New desktop background

    Why not pick a random colour for your background for a new look!

  3. Picking a new favorite colour

    Don't know what colour is your favorite? Let us decide for you!

  4. Painting your nails

    The random colour generator is PERFECT for selecting a new colour to paint your nails. Pick one, two, five, maybe even ten different colours and get painting!

  5. Drinking games

    Get some friends together and pick a colour each then press the random colour button and whoever's colour comes up has to drink. And now you have an idea for a terrible drinking game!

  6. Painting your walls

    If you want a new colour on those walls, you came to the right place. I hope it's a bright colour!

  7. Making a logo

    So you have come up with an awesome logo but have no colour scheme. How about making a really terrible one by pressing the random colour button a couple times!

  8. Choosing what wrapping paper to wrap a gift in

    a good idea if you can't decide between pink and blue wrapping paper.

  9. New fashion sense

    if you have way too many colours of shirts in your closet, we can help you pick one that probably won't match your shoes.

  10. Painting your car

    obviously the best decision you can make is using the random colour generator to pick a colour for your car. No reason to ponder over what colour suits you better, just go with one that looks ridiculous!


The colour generator was built to be used by anyone adventuring to find a random colour to satisfy their wildest colour-oriented desires. The colour comes complete with hex code and RGB values!

Originally the Random Colour Generator was coded to fulfill a college assignment, but after project completion I was so enthused with the result that I decided to keep the generator alive and available for anyone to use!